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Seller’s Guide

Stress Free Selling Process

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth (Free – No Obligation)

I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Curtis Nelson and Bos Realty Group to anyone looking to buy or sell property. His knowledge and guidance, and patience, got our family estate property sold to a highly qualified buyer, which made closing quick and painless. Curtis worked long hours helping with the process since it was a long distance transaction for me. Especially helpful was his knowledge of local contractors for items that needed to be addressed before closing.

His recommendations on how to market the property were spot on. If your choice is Curtis Nelson and Bos Realty Group, you will be in good hands.

David DeBace

Fastest Growing Real Estate Firm In Northwest Wisconsin!

How We Sell More Homes

Part of what makes Bos Realty Group different is our background and leadership. Curtis Nelson, owner of Bos Realty Group has 10+ years of residential construction operational experience. He has estimated over $50,0000,000 in design build homes in Polk County and the surrounding areas so understanding the home buying, building or financing process is nothing new. That experience is then spread through our organization so all of our agents fully understand “how a home works” and is better able to communicate with our sellers on what they are worth.


After our initial consultation with owner’s on what their home may be worth we then go into our marketing package. The days of simply putting your listing on the MLS and seeing if a buyer comes is like throwing out a hook without any bait. This may work in a seller’s market or with a prime piece of real estate but what about in a down turn, or a distressed property, or a niche property? More times than not properties need an extra push and that is where digital marketing comes in! We focus heavily on digital, targeted marketing which means we identify the perfect buyer for your home, create customized landing pages and digital artwork to showcase your home, and show it over and over to that ideal client. We have much success with this and is a staple for closing a transaction in today’s real estate market.

Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints we hear from owner’s who have worked with our competitors and then came and sold their home with us is that there was no pro active communication. Meaning the owner was the one initiating the calls and or conversation and not the agent. We strive to not have this happen and came up with a solution that each week we have set calls with our active clients to give them feed back and that week’s happenings, the to-do’s going into the weekend and then any outstanding items that need attention. By having these weekly set calls our clients know and understand that when we call we will be reviewing any questions that may come up within the transaction.

The Bos Guarantees

30 Days On Market Or Less

If we do our job correctly with pricing your home and having efficient and effective marketing then having your home under contract in 30 days or less should be attainable. If we fail to do this then we need to reevaluate the price and strategy.

$200 For Every Weekly Call Missed

Part of having set weekly calls is managing expectations. If we fail to manage your expectations with our weekly set calls we’ll reduce our commission earned by $200 for each weekly phone call missed. It’s not FREE but it’s REAL.

24 Hour Response Time

Rain, shine, weekend or holiday if you are an active client of Bos Realty Group then we will always respond within 24 hours to any inquiries. We might not have the perfect answer but at least we’ll notify you that we are working on it.

Free Home Maintenance Inspection

Part of having a construction operational manager in the background of Bos Realty Group is that we offer a FREE, 1x per year home maintenance inspection report. This service helps keep our clients most valuable asset protected year round.

The Home Selling Process (Simplified)

  • Home Valuation with Bos Realty Group
  • Have Professional Photography Of Property (Photo, Video and Drone)
  • Create Avatar Home Owner For Marketing
  • Implement Effective Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Schedule Open House For 1st and 2nd Weekend of Active Listing
  • Negotiate With Multiple Offers
  • Select Best Fit Offer For Long Term Goals
  • Schedule Inspections and Appraisal
  • Schedule Closing
  • Sign Paperwork
  • Hand Over The Keys