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    Modular Homes 101

    Design & Build with Bos Realty Group

    Modular Homes have come a very long way in terms of quality, customization options, ease of access, funding ability and overall entry to high quality-built homes for significantly less than a custom home builder.  The design process of our Modular Home is made very simple.  We have hundreds of plans to sort through to try and find something that suites your needs.  When most people think Modular, they think the plan is set in stone and cannot change.  That is simply not true.  Every plan can be changed to some extent and we’ve even worked with custom plans.  If you have an idea on something you want in your home, we can most likely get it in there somehow.

    Financing your Modular Home has never been easier.  These homes are truly “stick built” but just completed in a controlled environment.  Banks no longer look at our Modular Homes as manufactured because they are built using the same construction techniques as custom home builders.  Typically, our financing packages are new construction financing that is then rolled into a conventional loan.  It ranges from 5% to 20% down.  We’ll work side by side with you and your lender to get the appropriate financing package in place prior to any orders being submitted.

    Curtis Nelson of Bos Realty Group has 10+ years of residential construction management experience and will manage all construction oversight on your project.  This includes sub-contractor estimation, awarding bids & contracts, home design and construction, home transportation, crane scheduling, utilities installation, sub-contractor finish work, and even landscaping oversight.  We truly want to make this process as easy as possible for our owners.

    Main Office (715) 972-0123

    Home Prices:   

    • $225,000 – $400,000

    Time Frame:     

    • 4 – 6 months


    • Near Endless

    Project Management:

    • Included


    Best Selling Model Homes Virtual Tours:

    The Lakewood                    The Limited

    The Cavalier                        The Brookdale 3 Bed

    The Loft                               The Brookdale 2 Bed (Best Seller)


    (Modular home buildings are provided through relationships with Wisconsin Homes Inc. & Nelson Construction Services)

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