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    Buyer’s Guide

    Buyer’s Guide

    Do You Have A Home To Sell Before You Buy?

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    for our Buyer’s with a successful sell of their home or a successful sale of a referral!

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    What Are Your Goals?

    How Do We Get There?

    Making It Happen!

    My journey with Bos Realty Group started over a year ago. I was looking for a specific property and price point for my new home. I had not purchased a home in almost forty years very daunting to say the least. The Bos Realty Group are a group of individuals who care very much for their clients. They are very knowledgeable and devoted to making sure the clients needs are being met. I was so impressed through every phase of the home buying experience. The Bos Group guided me through home showings, purchase agreement, finance and closing right there every step of the way. Know that I am in my new home and the Bos Group has been keeping in touch to make sure everything is going well. So as you can see even after the purchase they continue to care.

    I have made some great new friendships along this journey.


    What Are You Goals

    At Bos Realty Group we truly think of ourselves as part of your overall team trying to accomplish your goals; not ours! We work with clients for a few months all the way up to a few years. Buying a home or property can be stressful enough so we very much try not to add to that. Upon our initial consultation of your wants, needs and goals we’ll help to lay a road map on how to get there. We’ll discuss and help implement credit repair if needed, lender pre approvals, rehab projects and estimates, housing needs, purchasing process and then after close a thorough follow up plan to ensure the home is working for you.

    How Do We Get There

    We get your goals accomplished by working them backwards into smaller, more manageable wins. We are believers that for every big goal there is a handful of smaller wins to be had. Step 1 is to connect with us on a personal level, spell out the long term action plan and then put that action plan in to place. We’ll help monitor, revisit and revise the action place as needed. This action plan can go as fast or as slow as needed depending on your overall timeline.

    Making It Happen

    We have a proven process in place to help families buy property. We are top notch negotiators, have the inside on up coming listings, real time MLS data, and go to bat for our clients every step of the way. Our goals truly are your goals and we treat each transaction as if we are shopping for our personal homes. By working with a Bos Realty Group Agent you are guaranteed to have a successful home buying process.

    The Home Buying Process (Simplified)

    • Save For A Down Payment
    • Know Your Credit
    • Find A Real Estate Agent (That’s Us)
    • Get Pre Approved With A Great Lender – The Key Word Here Is Great!
    • Start The Home Search Online
    • Start The Home Search In Person
    • Make An Offer
    • Lose An Offer
    • Finally Get An Offer Accepted
    • Get A Home Inspection and Appraisal
    • Almost Have That Deal Fall Apart
    • We Pull It Back Together
    • Close On The Home
    • Move In And Enjoy