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    Setting Up Your First Home Office

    Just a Few Tips…

    Working from home is not a new concept, but recent events have created a mass shift in the
    American workforce and more people than ever before are working from home. While simply
    placing a laptop on the kitchen table is one way to work from home, having a designated
    home office offers a better environment for productivity and is easier to set up than you might

    • The first step is to find the right location for your home office. Although it’s great if you
    have a spare room to use, not everyone has this luxury. A corner of a master bedroom
    or living room, a loft area, or even a section of a well-insulated garage can work just as

    • Once you find the right space, create a list of the materials you’ll need to be productive.
    A formal desk is best, but if you don’t own one, then any table will work. Use
    bookshelves or storage cubes to keep paper, pens, and other useful items within easy

    • Pay attention to the lighting – both natural light and lighting fixtures. Cool light, such as
    sunlight, is best for productivity. Make sure you have a desk lamp or floor lamp if the
    room doesn’t have proper natural lighting.

    • Once you have the essentials set up, it’s time to add some personal touches. Add a plant
    or decorate a wall with pictures you enjoy, to bring the space to life. Consider the
    storage elements as well, such as pen holders or file folders.

    A home office doesn’t need to be fancy to be an effective and enjoyable space. The most
    important consideration is to ensure you can work in peace; it should also offer a pleasant
    place to be productive that is separate from your living space so you can unplug at the end of
    the workday.

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